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About us

What is the purpose of the site?

Providing an innovative platform where companies for sale, shareholdings and groups of assets (business lines) can  be advertised on safe, clear and transparent terms so that sellers could choose from a wide range of bids, and buyers could choose from a wide range of offers, and thus effectively enabling that selling and buying intentions to meet in a specialised location.

We believe that a focusing seller side and the buy side on the site improves the liquidity of the company sales market and thus it could bring

  • higher prices for sellers of businesses and easier sales as a result of more potential buyers, while
  • it could bring to buyers of businesses a wider choice and lower cost.

What are the specifics of the site?

  • If required, we will accompany you through the company sale or purchase process with expert support.
  • If required, through the consultants cooperating with the site, we can present the transactional and related consulting services in one package.
  • Ads pass a minimum check.
  • You can have direct contact with potential buyers or assign an intermediary for this purpose.
  • An information annex can be prepared that is easy to use and gives a professional look.

Thus, our goal is to develop and implement a service that fills a gap in the field of company sales.

What is the benefit of the site?

  • It makes it easier for buyers to reach the companies for sale and thus makes the purchase or sale of companies easier.
  • This improves the transparency and functioning of the market.
  • It simplifies and shortens the process of buying and selling a business.
  • By concentrating supply and demand, it makes the SME sale market more liquid.
  • It reduces uncertainty, making SME firms thereby more valuable.
  • By increasing the choice for both buyers and sellers, it helps to create the best transactions and more favorable conditions.

Why was the page created now?

One of the sources of many company sales situations is the corporate succession: the natural process by which the business owner decides to hand over the operation of the company. We feel that the generation that started a business at the time of the regime change is now coming to this situation. While, with the exception of the highest-value companies, the buying and selling market does not appear to be sufficiently serviced.

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