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Buying a company

Whether you are looking for one or more companies for sale as a financial investor or as a strategic buyer, finding the right business that fits your vision, and actually buying the business can be a lengthy process. This is facilitated by the site, which acts as an advertising platform with a wide range of services available, so that you could choose from as wide a range of companies as possible, under transparent conditions.

The site offers features optimized to buying and selling companies in order to provide efficient way to search among businesses, majority and minority shareholdings, and business lines for sale in Hungary, and to allow you to contact the sellers or the intermediaries (business brokers, transaction advisors) representing them.

Platforms for companies for sale

Within the site, there are two platforms available to companies for sale: Standard and Private.

The Standard platform is focused on smaller companies, while the Private platform offers an expanded service package, which is optimized primarily for larger companies.

Once you get interested in an ad and apply for it, you can expect the response from the following persons:

  • On the Standard platform, depending on the advertiser: owner (seller) itself, intermediary acting on behalf of the seller, or the site itself in the case of advertisements where the site acts as a transaction advisor
  • On the Private platform, from the site itself.

For the buyer side, the use of both the Standard and Private platforms is free of charge, unless, in the case of the Private platform, the advertiser chooses that the commission on a successful company sale is payable by the buyer, which is set out in the text of the ad.

Our services to company buyers

Without registration

Without registration, the following features are available to those on the buy side:

  • Search among the advertisements published on the Standard platform for companies for sale operating in the form of a Kft., minority and majority shareholdings, and assets
  • View the ads published on the Standard platform
  • View advertiser (broker) subpages on the Standard platform
  • Share, print, and forward by email ads published on the Standard platform
  • Read the articles that appear on the adequit.com Company sales blog
  • Subscribe to the adequit.com Newsletter.

After registration

Registration on the site is free. You can use the features designed for company buyers after the registration.

Registered users on the buyer side can, among others, use the following features:

  • You can see information that is only available to registered users. Advertisers can upload a printable information attachment with additional data in pdf about the undertaking for sale, which is only available to registered users.
  • In the case of businesses for sale listed on the Private platform you can:
    • Search among the advertisements published on the Private platform about businesses for sale operating in the form of a limited company, minority or majority shareholdings and assets
    • View the ads published on the Private platform
    • View the subpages of the intermediaries (brokers) on the Private platform
    • Share, print, and forward in email the ads published on the Private  platform
  • Bookmark ads so that ads that you can be easily retrieve the interesting ones later
  • To facilitate the purchase of a company, you can set up several different ad alerts by specifying one or more of the following criteria:
    • Search words
    • Region
    • Main activity
    • Size of shareholding
    • Sales price range
  • Send a business card: only registered users can initiate a contact with the with the advertiser of the enterprise for sale    
  • Keep a log of your business cards: you can easily find out which are the ads where you have already sent a business card to
  • Attach an introductory material or other attachment to the business cards to be sent
  • Exchange private messages with advertisers of businesses for sale.    

If you do not find the right company among the ones already listed: tell us what company are you looking for

If you do not find a business for sale that suits your criteria among the existing ads, please contact us and tell us what kind of company you are looking for.

In return, we will notify you when there is an acquisition target in our portfolio that may be appropriate to your criteria, including that we may also provide information about businesses for sale that are not publicly available on the site (closed order).

We also undertake to actively search for acquisition targets. In doing so, we act as a buy side transaction advisor. Our experience is that, if a good price is offered, then there are a number of companies is available for sale that the owner has not yet advertised.

adequit.com Options for company buyers

If you have any questions

If you have any questions regarding the above, we are available by email or via the Contact Form.

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