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For transaction advisors


The site provides an opportunity for intermediaries (transaction advisors) acting on the sell side to publish their offers for the sale of existing businesses that fit into the profile of the site under their own name, thus reaching a large pool of potential buyers, as well as for intermediaries acting on the buy side to find favorable acquisition targets in Hungary through the site.

Intermediaries on the sell side

Features available for sell side intermediaries when selling a company:

  • Publishing an advertisement on behalf of their client
  • Own advertiser subpage
  • The use of the information annex format created by the site, the content of which can be expanded if required
  • The ad can be shared on the Facebook and LinkedIn pages of the transaction advisor
  • All ads posted can be managed from one place (one registration)
  • Searching for potential buyers for an existing ad on the page.

Intermediaries on the buy side

Features available for buy side intermediarieswhen buying a company:

  • Set up an alarm to monitor new ads on both platforms with flexible search criteria
  • Forward a selected ad inside or outside of your organization
  • Easy-to-use information annex that can be attached to decision preparation materials
  • Possibility of attaching pre-prepared introductory material when contacting an ad
  • Business cards sent can be retrieved
  • Messages exchanged with advertisers can be retrieved
  • Search for suitable businesses for sale among the ads on the site for your client.
  • Search for prospective buyers for businesses listed on the site.

How can sell side intermediaries use the two platforms for their work?

Unless you have already done so, please also read the Private platform description, where you will find, among others, a comparison of the Standard and the Private platforms.

What is the form of the cooperation on the sell side?

A company with a lower value

Except in the case of a referral, the default scenario is that in the case of a smaller company for sale with a value of less than HUF 30 m, the advisor uploads the advertisement to the Standard platform and and manages it by itself. For this purpose, you can also have your own advertiser subpage. The platform is designed to make it easier to manage multiple ads simultaneously.

If you need some consultancy in the company sale process, we are happy to assist you.

A company with a higher value

In the table below, we have summarized the additions for companies for sale with a value of more than HUF 30 m, which are relevant for cooperation with other intermediaries.

Division of tasks


Are we competitors to each other?

In case of referral, we provide the transactional advice

An accountant or a law firm, retaining the accounting, tax and legal tasks related to the sale, refers the client to us.

We provide a different service.

We act as the lead transaction advisor

A real estate agent is commissioned to sell a business that also owns valuable real estate. The real estate agent does not want to give up the relationship with the client, but entrusts us with the management of the company sale.

It is neither realistic nor feasible that we could serve a wide range of clients from Budapest at an approppriate level, so we are dependent on a regional partner network to fulfill orders.

We act as co-advisors

A transaction advisor is approached by a smaller company where the commission fee would not cover the costs of searching for a buyer in the usual, offline way.

By using the Private Platform, you can make a competitive offer and provide a cost-effective service to your client.

We provide a platform

A transaction advisor (borker, M&A advisor) wishes a company for sale to be listed on our site as well.

By having the ad published on our site, you can have a greater exposure and thus can access a larger pool of perspective buyers.

We share our commission

You find a prospective buyer for a business for sale listed on our site.

You take over part of our tasks in exchange for a share in the commission.

We act on the other side

You have a client seeking an acquisition target, and one of the companies listed on our site is a possible match.

We act for different clients.

Is the choice free between the two platforms?

In case of a sale price above 30 mFt, please contact us in advance so that we can decide which platform is suitable.

How is the commission divided?

If the tasks are divided between the two advisors, the division of the commission should also be agreed in advance so that the client receives a value-for-money service.

Who pays the commission?

In the case of a Standard+ or a Private listing, our commission may be paid:

  • As usual, by the seller. In this case, of course, we must agree on this directly with the seller.
  • By the transaction advisor that works with us. In this case, it is necessary that the commission of the transaction advisor also covers our commission, or
  • By the purchaser. In this case, the text of the advertisement indicates the amount of the commission to be paid by the buyer in addition to the selling price, and it is necessary to receive confirmation from the seller that the seller is aware of this solution.

Platforms for selling a business as an intermediary

A chart summarizing the possibilities of publishing an advertisement by intermediaries acting on the seller side.

adequit.com Company sale by intermediary

If you have any questions

If you have any questions regarding the above, we are available by email or via the Contact Form.

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