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Selling a company

Selling a business is a lengthy and complex process in many cases, for which it is essential to find a suitable buyer who is willing and able to pay a price that reflects the value of the business for sale.

We aim to help you with this by creating advertising platforms in order to reach potential buyers, so that you can realize the value created in your business.

What can be sold on our platforms?

Advertisements can be posted for the sale of a limited company (in Hungary: Kft.) or of partial ownership in a limited company, or for the sale of assets of a company regardless of the form of the company. In the FAQ, you will find more information about which option to choose depending on the circumstances of the sale.

Types of listing

Within the site, there are two platforms (Standard and Private), and a total of four listing types (Standard, Standard+, Private and Closed) available to sellers of companies, reflecting the variety of companies for sale in Hungary.

Standard platform

Standard listing

The Standard listing type allows you to post your ad in a simple and quick way on a platform specially developed for company sales for an amount that is symbolic compared to the value of the business for sale, and to use the features of the site.

The Standard listing type is recommended primarily for smaller companies (with a sale price of less than HUF 30 m), where the advertiser would keep the company sale process in its own hands.

The following features are available to company owners and company sales intermediaries:

  • Your ad will appear for the duration you choose, after the ad has been approved by the site and the advertising fee has been received.
  • An ad can be published anonymously: neither the name of the company for sale, nor the name of the advertiser is required in the public text of the ad.
  • It is sufficient to indicate a sales price range.
  • The advertiser can pause (deactivate) or withdraw the ad at any time.
  • The advertising fee includes that, from the data provided by the advertiser, the site creates an information schedule, which may contain more information than the ad, and which registered users can download in pdf form and print out
  • Sending and receiving business cards: only a registered user can initiate contact with the advertiser.
  • The person interested in buying the company for sale can attach an introductory material or other attachment to the business card.
  • Exchanging of private messages with potential customers.
  • Registration on the site is free of charge and does not involve an obligation to sell. After registration, you can immediately look around the site to see what features can be used as an advertiser of a business for sale.

Standard+ listing

In the case of the Standard+ listing type, we assist you in the company sale process, basically, for a success fee. The fee includes limited transactional advice and a service package that adapted to the size of the company for sale.

You can learn more about our transactional advice.     

The Standard+ plan is recommended primarily for companies with a sale price between 30 and 100 m HUF, where you would use the knowledge and assistance of a transactional services provider.

Private platform

Private listing

Private is the name of our platform created for higher value enterprises (say, with a sale price of over HUF 100 m), which is available with full transactional advice and with an expanded service package substantially on a success fee basis.

You can find the description of the Private platform and a detailed comparison of the two platforms on the adequit.com Private info page.

Both of our platforms is available not just to the owners of companies for sale, but also for intermediaries (business brokers, transaction advisors) engaged in the sale of the companies in Hungary.

Closed listing

In the case of a closed plan, the business for sale does not appear on the website, we are only looking for a buyer or investor among our existing contacts, in our network, and in the scope of potential strategic and financial investors as agreed with the client, on a success fee basis, but for an increased basic fee.

Is the choice free between the listing types?

The site reserves the right to decide which type of listing will be used. 

Advisory services

Read more about the advisory services available through the site and the experts who work with the site.

What's the difference...

Between Standard and Standard+?

In the case of a standard listing, you can use the services of the platform for a symbolic amount, however, among others, you shall take care of drafting the text of the advertisement, communicating with the prospective buyers, and you should be aware what steps are required in the process of the company sale, while, in the case of the Standard+ plan, we will manage the process of the company sale and provide transactional advice on a success fee basis.

Between Standard+ and Private?

In the case of a Standard+ listing, the ad will be displayed on the Standard platform with a service package tailored to the size of the company, while, in the case of a Private listing, we provide full transactional advice, and, in accordance with the needs of larger companies for sale, the text of the ad is only available to registered users.

Comparison in a chart format

adequit.com Comparison of company sales platforms

Which listing type should I use?

adequit.com Which listing type for selling a company

Further information

You can find the pricing of our plans here: Our advertising and consulting fees

You can find answers to many additional questions on the FAQ page.

You can read about company sales and company valuation topics in our blog: Company sales in Hungary blog

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